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Jo C Soignier

Jo C Soignier

Jo C. Soignier earned her doctoral degree in Physical Education from the University of Northern Colorado. She taught in the Exercise Science Department at Fort Lewis College for 23 years.

After retiring in 2008, she has continued her love of teaching fitness classes, aquatics, and personal training for the Durango Community. Jo C.’s zeal for “spiritual connection” has lead her in a new exciting direction with her teaching.

Dr. Dorinda Fox

Dorinda Fox

Dorinda Fox is a visionary whose perception allows her to see not only auras but also to see beyond barriers to possibilities. Her laughter and sensitivity inspire joy and the inner freedom to cover new ground.  She is a master of bridging inner and outer worlds through energy dynamics and spiritual communication.

An ALC Certified Spiritual Consultant, Dorinda is adept at teaching people how to unfold their spiritual sensitivity, tap their inner wisdom and live their unique life’s purpose.

Deborah Guilbeau


spent more than 25 years in Engineering and holds a United Stated Patent for “Electronic Yearbook Publication System.” As she moves from writing Software to writing Soulware, Deborah enjoys sharing and teaching what she learns to others from her life experiences and she strives now to make the planet a better place to visit by being an example of “Good Soulmanship”- that being “Good Sportsmanship” from a soul level on a global scale!

Contact Jo C at 970.903.3921

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Durango, Colorado

Awaken To Your Angels & Intuition ... So You Can Live Your Life Purpose with Joy and Satisfaction

Our simple and experiential approach to spiritual development empowers you with the tools to trust yourself, understand your life purpose, and make the positive changes you need to feel truly happy inside and create amazing results in your life.

Get started NOW by signing up to attend the Awaken to your Angels and Intuition seminar in Durango.

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Awaken to Your Angels and Intuition

Saturday February 7, 2015
Thursday February 19, 2015 (with special guest Dorinda Fox)
Friday March 6, 2015  
Each seminar: 6:30 - 8:00pm

Durango Recreation Center
Windom & Sunlight Rooms
Investment 10.00. 

Have you ever questioned what you’re doing here on planet earth? Join us for an enlightening seminar on the “Big Picture of Life” and clarifying the constant impressions streaming to you to help you live your unique purpose.
Pre-register: Jo C 970.903.3921 or email Lisa Marie
Presented by Debbie Guilbeau, Lisa Marie Glass and Jo C Soignier, Spiritual Educators with the Americana Leadership College

Private Consultations & Advanced Seminars

Connect With Your Angels Consultation

Friday February 20, 2015
6-8PM, investment 95.00.

Durango Recreation Center
Sunlight Room 

Never doubt your decisions again.  Discover your spiritual gifts, a clear 2-way communication with your spirit guides and keys to living your unique purpose.  Personal consultation includes a workbook filled with practical spiritual tools and your Angel profile.
Appointment necessary, contact Jo C @ 970.903.3921 or email Dorinda   

Profiles available with Dorinda Fox, Debbie Guilbeau, Lisa Marie Glass and Jo C Soignier, Spiritual Educators with the Americana Leadership College

Mastering Your Psychic Energy
While Living on Planet Earth

Saturday February 21, 2015
9AM-4PM, investment 100.00. 

Durango Recreation Center
Sunlight Room

Experience answers to mastering your psychic energy while living on planet earth.  Join us in an amazing journey of soul discovery and understanding the “Big Picture” of living in two worlds.  Attendees receive a workbook filled with everyday spiritual techniques.
Connect with Your Angels Consultation recommended but not required. 

Pre-register: Jo C @ 970.903.3921 or email Dorinda
Presented by Dorinda Fox and Jo C Soignier

Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop

Saturday, March 7, 2015
1-4PM, investment 35.00.

Durango Recreation Center
Windom Room

Experience and expand the reality of your psychic nature and sensitivity. Discover answers about your divine unique life purpose.  Learn simple powerful techniques that raise your spiritual vibration and develop your healing abilities. Learn how to discern your own energy from the energies in your environment.
Contact Lisa Marie 970.799.2516 or email Jo C

Presented by Debbie Guilbeau, Lisa Marie Glass and Jo C Soignier, Spiritual Educators with the Americana Leadership College

We can’t wait to share with you the simple, practical tools to enhance your spirituality and your life.

Durango Leadership Team
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