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Kerrin Muir

Kerrin is a highly experienced spiritual educator with a deep sense of compassion and true concern. Kerrin shares tools and techniques to empower people to be master of themselves, their inner life, their thoughts and feelings, and their energy. Through his clairaudient perception of the spiritual world he assists others in unfolding their true potential.

Learn how to communicate directly with higher spirit, angels, and experience what it is like to feel truly free inside. Kerrin is a Trance Healer, an ALC Certified Spiritual Consultant and Technique Specialist.

Contact Kerrin Muir at 027 354 6034
or email Kerrin.

Sponsored by
Inner Peace Movement International
A non-profit, educational organization
registered in the USA and Australia

Auckland, NZ

Discover How To Awaken To Your Inner Guidance & tap your Limitless Potential... So You Can Live Your Life Purpose with Joy and Satisfaction

Our simple, but effective experiential approach to spiritual development empowers you with the tools to trust yourself, understand your life purpose, and make the positive changes you need to feel truly happy inside and create amazing results in your life.

In this workshop you will EXPERIENCE your spiritual nature, not just hear another person's opinions.

Get started NOW by signing up to attend the Exploring the Fifth Dimension workshop in Auckland.

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to reserve your seat or for further information
Email Kerrin or phone 027 354 6034.

Thursday, May 30th 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Grey Lynn Community Centre
510 Richmond Rd.

Investment - $45

Ph 027 354 6034 to register. Payment will be accepted at the door

I can’t wait to share with you the simple, practical tools to enhance your spirituality and your life.

Kerrin Muir
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